Chocolate experience at Ratio Cocoa Roasters

    An array of chocolates and the delicious aroma of chocolate will greet you once you step inside Ratio Cocoa Roasters. Melbournians always welcomed new additions in Melbourne food scene. This time however, a new café will delight chocolate lovers and connoisseurs.

     Curious about origins of chocolate? Indulge in artisanal chocolate creations and participate in a factory tour.  You’ll also have a glimpse of how a chocolate bar is created – from the bean to bar.

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    Stockholm’s Contemporary Haven: Magasin III

    Magasin III - Facial Recognition

    One of the unexpected surprises of Stockholm was Magasin III. As mentioned before, the refurbished warehouse has been host to many contemporary art exhibitions since 1987.

    Stockholm sights

    The artworks here are either produced by collaborations with the artists or acquired independently. A long-time collaborator, artist Tony Oursler’s video and conceptual art are some of highlights of the exhibition. Read more…

    Budget Itinerary for One Day in Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm sights

    Stockholm was the first stop of my four-day cruise with St. Peter Line. I only had less than 24 hours to explore as we docked at 9:00 AM and the ship is expected to leave at 6:00PM. With the given time, I still wanted to get to know the city whilst sticking to my budget (Iceland did kill my wallet after all).

    Here are some of the activities I managed to do in 9 hours:

    Explore the artistic Stockholm subway stations

    Stockholm has the longest art gallery in the world in the form of its subway stations. The story behind these murals, sculptures and painting will only make you appreciate the art more. Some of the striking murals are in the main hubs but there are also some quirky ones in further stations. I recommend getting the SL pass since you can use this to travel in busses and ferries.

    Stockholm sights


    SL Travel card (24 hours) : 120 SEK  or $14 USD Read more…

    Art in Stockholm Subway Stations

    Stockholm Subway Art

    In all the destinations I visited last year, Stockholm was the one I’m least familiar with. I did know about fika, Abba and the Vasa ship. Overall, I only had vague notion of the city’s culture. My first objective today is to check out Stockholm subway stations.

    Similar to its Scandinavian neighbours, Stockholm is a bustling city.  Lively and trendy districts coexist with traditional, heritage sites.

    As I only had less than a day to spend, it would not be enough. But hey, as long as there is time, every visit is worth it.

    The first activity I did was to do a “subway surf”. You would consider the usual subway as bleak or uninteresting. A subway might not be your first destination to go to when you want to see art.  In Stockholm, their subway or tunnelbana is an art gallery. They are filled with murals, sculptures and installations. I don’t think you’ll be bored while waiting for your train.

    Here are some of my favourite stops during the day. Read more…

    Budget Itinerary for One Day in Copenhagen, Denmark

    In all honesty, I never thought I would be in Copenhagen last year. I’ve always thought that I would graduate first before I ever get the chance to go. It all started just months before I started my placement in Japan. As usual, I was procrastinating and I had a random urge to find out how expensive international fares are from Tokyo. Lo and behold! Lucky Tokyoites actually had better deals compared to Australia, especially with flights to Scandinavia. Read more…

    How to have the best three days in Takayama

    Takayama - Old Town

    Takayama is a city nestled in Hida region of Gifu prefecture. Despite it being a city, Takayama’s scenery is the opposite of what you could usually see in busy metropolitans. Instead of sky-high buildings, you’d find yourself travelling to mountainous areas, lush forestry and charming villages. Whether you want to visit the Japanese Alps, see the famed Shirakawa-go or relax in an onsen village, Takayama is an excellent starting point for you.

    I went to Takayama during Christmas break last year. Being there during winter made it extra special to me. Winter after all is the best season (at least for me).

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    Pink+Fruits: Healthy Start at Bread & Circus

    Bread & Circus

    Rain showers are the last things you would want when you have a busy day ahead. I was in Sydney for a day to get my passport and other documents. Since that was my only purpose, it was pretty much a laid-back trip. My day started with a visit to Alexandria where I had breakfast in Bread & Circus.

    I’ve been trying to cut back on my sweets intake for health reasons hence their menu  suited my needs.

    Bread & Circus First Impressions:

    Australian cafes never cease to impress me with their beautiful interiors. I love how you can enjoy the ambience and beautiful designs whilst having a wonderful meal. Bread & Circus is no exception. The cafe is in a high-ceiling industrial space, once inside you would be greeted with colourful, quirky decor that features their produce and hints of pink.

    When I asked if they sell bottles of their juices, the staff told me that they make all their juice fresh so that’s another plus point for me. They emphasise on the concept of whole foods which I appreciate as it gives me an idea of how they source my food. Now, let’s go to the main part: food. Read more…

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