Hello Chap!

Here it goes, my online diary.

I’m Anne, just one of the seven billion individuals who walk on this planet exploring life and trying to make sense of it. I do not mean to sound so morose, surprises of life are beautiful to me. Trials  come along with opportunities, both   hone your character to build a better perspective towards your environment  and basically, put balance to your life.

So, I’ll stop being a “life” guru.

You might wonder or perhaps think that it is messed up to call a blog  “uncategorized”, it is because I have absolutely no idea what is to be the main theme of this blog. Honestly, it is difficult ( not to mention, pricey) to stick to one category.

The purpose of this blog is to be my weekly diary where I would jot down whatever happens to me, good or bad, so when I’m 30 or 40 I have something to look back on, maybe have some good laugh and think how silly I was or remember nostalgic pieces of my youth.

Years ago,  I tried in vain to write in a diaries but after two or three days, I would just stop writing. Unfortunately, I have amassed quite a collection of unwritten notebooks and diaries. Keeping a diary is also one of my unfulfilled new year resolutions ever since I was in high school!

I reckon this is the transition where I  say something about myself,  I’m a wanderluster whose ultimate dream is to  travel and experience what a country can offer, especially when it comes to food or adrenaline rush-filled adventures!

There are more than 190 countries to travel around, have gastronomic adventure and meet new people.Although I do not have the means yet to travel much; books, documentaries and films are like my tickets to the world. These things provide me with information and just fuel my motivation to pursue my goals. For now,I already have a backpack, ideas of what to do and a bit of familiarity in several foreign languages which are enough for me to order a slice of chocolate cake in a European cafe or compliment an Asian lady on how wonderful her skin looks. I just need to earn money for plane tickets.

Oh, I also have to finish university! There are so many things to do that it is exciting and at the same time, a bit nerve-wracking.

For now, this concludes my  first entry. As I can blabber for too long, this could end up being too long and tedious that even my 30-year old self will find it unbearable.

Introductions are usually short and awkward but once that stage has been passed through, it becomes more sensible.

I’ll try harder next time, Chap.



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