Adventure Conquers Bad Luck

My first attempt to visit Tsukiji Market was an utter failure. We stayed up all night but ended up getting lost and eventually not getting any places in the fish auction. Tired, I decided to catch the train and head to the hostel to prepare for another day in the conference.

Unfortunately, my bad luck did not end there. I tripped and fell in the stairs. Drowsy and with a broken foot, I limped my way back to the hostel. In my frustration, I just slept in and skipped the conference.

But. I don’t really want to spend the entire day in the hostel. That would be such a waste.

So, I forgot that my foot hurts and then decided to spend the day exploring.
IMG_0904My friend Swetha came with me. We first went to Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The iconic Nijubashi Bridge was lovely sight in the entrance. The stone bridge has arches that span the moat from the graveled area leading to  a wooden gate that serves as the main entrance to the palace.

There is another iron bridge adjacent to the stone bridge, and when viewed at a specific angle, can make the two bridges look like one. The  name Nijubashi which translates to “double level bridge” is derived from this.

IMG_0919The Tokyo Imperial Palace- also known as Kokyo, is the primary residence of the Emperor and Empress of Japan. The palace is situated in the center of Tokyo, built on a site which was a former Edo castle. Back in the 17th and 19th centuries, samurais were the ones who reside in the castle. Until now,the palace remains surrounded with the moats, walls, gate houses and turrets of the former castle.

Unfortunately, we were not able to visit the Tokyo Imperial Palace East Garden as it was closed that day.

IMG_0924Visitors can also view the Emperor’s collection of paintings, kimonos and other historical artifacts exhibited in Museum of the Imperial Collections Sannomaru-Shōzōkan.

IMG_0906We took a train in the Tokyo Station to go to our next destination. Tokyo Station is a beautiful landmark itself. It reminded me of Flinders Station found here in Melbourne.IMG_0928The station is located in the center of Marinuochi business district and near Ginza commercial district. It is one of the busiest station in Tokyo, serving  most of Shinkansen lines and local commuter lines.


This was the first four hours of our Tokyo dash that day. I must say I forgot all the bad luck that I had the night before.

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