The Last Train Home

After getting lost in Tokyo Station, we finally found our way to Kabuki-za theatre. Again, the museum was already close when we got there. We could have watched the show but it would take four hours. I would love to watch the show however we were pressed for time.

IMG_0970IMG_0966IMG_0968The language used in Kabuki plays are quite old and sometimes even Japanese people cannot understand them. Do not fret though as there are headsets available for rent. These headsets can provide English or Japanese translations. Matinee starts around 11 am and an evening show would usually start at 4pm. The tickets are sold on the day of the performance and just like the Tuna auction, they get sold very fast.

IMG_0942IMG_1011IMG_1014After a meal in Akihabara, we then proceeded to Odaiba. Once again, majority of the attractions were closed that time. It was too bad because Palette Town would have been a fun place to explore. We did catch a ride in the Ferris wheel known as Daikanransha wherein we viewed the city’s bright nightscape. The Ferris wheel measures approximately 115 meters and offers impressive views of Tokyo Bay and Odaiba below.

Palette town is is easily accessible via Aomi Station (U10) on the Yurikamome Line rail that goes from Shimbashi to Odaiba.IMG_1031IMG_1034IMG_1072

IMG_1099A visit to the Tokyo Tower capped off our visit. The tower is considered as one of the new icons of Japan. It is a communications and observations tower which resembles the lattice structure of Paris’ Eiffel tower. We spent more than hour taking jump shots around this area. We did not even realize that train stations would close soon. Basically, we run to catch our trains. We needed to catch two trains before we reach the hostel, one train to get back to Ginza and from Ginza, another train to reach Asakusa. Luckily, we were right on time when the last train bound for Asakusa arrived.

I guess my streak of bad luck has just ended.

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