Shibuya and that Underground Izakaya

Prior to a karaoke night, having a meal in an izakaya is a perfect way to start the night. Of course,  you can do both things separately, but it’s amusing to sing karaoke when you’re a little bit tipsy from some beer,sake or shochu. I was with some local friends so I just let them choose the place. This izakaya was sandwiched between large shopping malls in Shibuya. It is not so easy to spot, you have to descend in a staircase to reach the entrance.IMG_0595

An izakaya is a Japanese tavern similar to that of tapas restaurant in Spain. The food comes in portions that could be shared between 3-4 people. The food served are usually side dishes which are perfect accompaniment to alcohol.

IMG_0599When we got to our table, we were given hot towels to wipe our hands. Drinks are usually ordered first. The menu is fairly easy to navigate although it was in Japanese. We started with combination of fresh vegetables and pickled seaweed.

IMG_0601We also tried a variety of seafood dishes which were all so good. My friends let me finish some of these dishes as they are used to those dishes. Another favorites of mine are Okinawan style noodles. We both ordered the stir-fried and the noodle soup.IMG_0602


Okinawa stir fried noodles


Karei Karaage


Okinawan Soba

IMG_0610IMG_0663Regrettably, majority of my pictures of that day was deleted. The interior and the signage of the place were some of the photos that got deleted. Even the menu got deleted, it’s terrible as I cannot remember the names of the many of the dishes.

This night was definitely one of my unforgettable nights in Tokyo. When I went back to Australia, I think I’ve replaced “Cheers” with “Kampai”.

Izakayas are not to be missed in Tokyo, especially in Shibuya and Yurakucho. How I wished I had more time to go “izakaya hopping”. Although I’m not really a big fan of alcohol, what I really like about the izakaya is the atmosphere and the fact that it is an enjoyable place to catch up with friends.

I swear I have this attachment to the word “Kampai”.

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