That Little Ramen Place

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Shibuya, it was quite brilliant to stumble upon a restaurant that contrasts to that of the busy district.

We struck gold when we found this quaint ramen house in Shibuya. We were just walking around the street when we came across some delicious aroma. We followed it and voila! another staircase. Last time, I found good food underground now it is in the upper floor.

The place was small and can only accommodate ten people at one time. We ordered our noodles through a vending machine. The service was quick as we got our noodles in less than 10 minutes.IMG_0881I first got to know Ramen by watching the anime “Naruto”. Ramen was Naruto’s favorite food and he can finish several bowls in one sitting. True enough, I could understand him. The ramen I had was really delicious. The broth had a balanced flavor. It is savory but not too overpowering.IMG_0882I was in love with the noodles. The noodles were perfectly cooked and the texture, smooth. I probably made loud, slurping noises while I ate those noodles. I did not notice because I was too engrossed with my noodles. In Japan, slurping noodles is a sign that you are enjoying the noodles. I definitely enjoyed mine down to the last noodle.IMG_0885IMG_0889IMG_0893IMG_0895The chef was very friendly and really happy that we enjoyed the noodles. No wonder the noodles were good! They were made by a person who enjoys his job and is passionate on making food that gives happiness to other people.

I hope I could come back to this place someday.

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