A night in a traditional Japanese House

One of the highlights of my trip was our stay in Daisuke’s traditional house in Fujieda. It was such a perfect place to unwind and enjoy nature. After five busy days of the conference and with almost two days left before my departure ( I have an exam the day I get back), this was my sanctuary to calm my sometimes neurotic self.

Months before I went to Japan, I saw Daisuke and his partner, Hila’s place through airbnb. I fell instantly in love with the house’s beauty and serenity. It was a bonus that it also had rave reviews. With no hesitation, I booked a night in their place._MG_1430On the day of our stay, we met Daisuke at the train station and from there, drove to the place. Their house is approximately  30-minute drive away Yaizu train station.  In place of skyscrapers are picturesque green tea plantations, mountains and bamboo forests. Aside from the scenery, we enjoyed having conversation with Daisuke. He is a jolly fellow with lots of stories to tell!IMG_1437IMG_1439IMG_1443Both he and Hila are well-traveled and have traveled extensively to different parts of the world. His stories inspired me more to travel in the future. We did not get to meet Hila as she was in Europe that time.

When we arrived in our destination, I was even more in love with the place. It was a very traditional Japanese home that oozed simplicity and beauty, I felt instantly at peace the moment I stepped inside.

Dai stayed in another house next to this house so  we had the place to ourselves. It was cozy that I felt drowsy and had a short nap. Who wouldn’t if they were lying in a soft futon with the cool breeze touching their faces?

After an hour, we drove again up to the mountains for the tea ceremony and onsen.

IMG_1454IMG_1455The place also has its own share of history. Daisuke bought this 88 year old house and renovated it. It took him two years to rebuild the house but all his hard work certainly paid off with the beautiful transformation of the house.IMG_1604Did I mention our host is also an incredible chef? Here was our breakfast prepared with healthy and fresh ingredients.IMG_1458IMG_1459IMG_1467IMG_1569IMG_1573IMG_1576Dai and Hila’s place is truly a gem. Apologies as my photos do not do any justice to the beauty of the place. Not only the place was amazing but I’m pretty sure anyone will enjoy the company and kindness of the hosts.

I absolutely recommend their place if ever you are near the area. You can check it out through this link:

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