Sayounara Japan! Mata oai shimasho

After two weeks of blissful escape in Japan, the time has come for me to bid the Land of the Rising Sun a very sad farewell. Alas, I should now face the jobs,exams, practicals and paper works that I have left in Australia.

We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner just before my eventful “last day” unfolded. The watami or Japanese casual dining abound in the city. The vibes from the restaurant can be compared to that of a restaurant chain but with the chill izakaya-like atmosphere. I recalled all the wonderful memories and friends I made while we nibbled on some Japanese foods. I had already fallen in love with Japan when I was seven, watching anime and documentaries but I fell in love even more when I had this chance of visiting this country.

The bustling cities, mesmerizing views, refined traditions and especially the kindness of the people will remain in my mind for quite a long time. Beyond the exterior beauty , this opportunity gave me the much needed peace that I sought months prior to this trip. A two-week visit that stopped time and let me forget the responsibilities I had as a daughter, student, employee and a scholar. Of course, I would face responsibilities and problems again when I return but this chance gave me the energy to fight ahead.

I know many people have their own struggles and while some has the means to escape from these ( even just for a while) others are not given the chance at all. It is to this thought that I’m very grateful to have attended the conference and at the same time, enjoy what Japan has to offer.IMG_0678IMG_1652



Chicken Karaage









IMG_1681IMG_1682IMG_1687I will never forget that I left my camera when I was en route to the airport, almost missing my flight. If I did miss my flight, I considered of disguising as a man and later on, wander and become a monk but then again, it must have been the combination of lack of sleep and the hangover from the Tsukiji rush the night ahead.

So there we go, my last supper in Japan and final ramblings.

Arigatou gozaimasu for this beautiful stay 🙂

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