Surrealism and Teatre-Museu Dalí – More of the Collection

The Dali Theatre-Museum showcases the work of Salvador Dali from his early artistic creations to his surrealist creations then finally, to works made during the last years of his life. These are just some of the works displayed in the museum:

The Dalí Theatre-Museum is fairly easy to navigate.  I started first in the Dalí Jewels exhibition rooms. It is separated from the museum but it is only a two minute walk. The Dalí-Joies showcases thirty-seven jewels set in gold and precious stones from the former Owen Cheatham collection, twenty-seven sketches that Dali made while designing the jewels and two additional jewels that were made later.





anneDalí i Domènech, Salvador-Necklace with Entwined Limbs

Dalí i Domènech, Salvador-Dolphins and Mermaids

Dalí i Domènech, Salvador-The Angel Cross

All the pieces are unique and are made with gold, platinum, and precious stones. The pieces all had diverse forms, from religious and mythological symbols to animal figures. Aside from designing them, it was Salvador Dali himself who chose the materials used for the jewels.



Dali26 Dali25

Aside from the refurbished theatre, there are also galleries which contain Dali’s works and installations as well as acquisitions from other artists.


Dalí i Domènech, Salvador-Port Alguer


Dali10 Dali07






I found the exhibitions quite fascinating, I think Salvador Dali also wants his audience to use their own imagination in creating meaning in his works.

It is best to check their website for information. In here, opening hours, ticket prices and an overview of the collection can be viewed.

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