Colors of Istanbul: Spice Bazaar

Ah, the glorious crowds…one can consider the Spice Bazaar to be a tourist trap because of how popular it is. However, a visit to the market is a must when you’re in Istanbul. Despite the crowds, I was enthralled with all the products I saw. Stalls that sell tea, nuts, spices, coffee and Turkish sweets abound the area. It was heaven as I smell the sharp fragrance of the spices, more especially when I stumbled upon some good quality tea.3Spice Market 12Spice Market

1Spice Market

4Spice Market

9Spice Market

8Spice Market

7Spice Market

5Spice Market

11Spice Market

13Spice Market

14Spice Market

The market was also known as Egyptian Bazaar due to its history where it served as a trading centre for ‘Cairo caravans’ which brought along spices and other goods from Egypt. Back then, Istanbul was a significant market place as it is located on the trade route between Africa and Europe.

Now might be the time to stock up the pantry with different spices. Not to mention, this is also a perfect opportunity to try Turkish sweets, lokum and baklava, anyone? It is even better paired with tea or coffee (I prefer tea). It is probably best to shop with a local if you are a first timer plus always bring enough Turkish lira. Charm your way to the market and bargain in order to get the best deals. How shameless that I could not resist bargaining, but I reckon it is innate.

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