The Charms of Praha

Cobblestone lanes, old cathedrals, and castles are abundant in the vibrant city of Prague. I was even more impressed with the bohemian spirit that exuded in the city, with plenty of  quirky places to visit, most particularly bars, beer gardens and art shops. Indeed, many have said that I should avoid Prague because there are plenty of tourist traps however I find this notion ridiculous.

Prague is a beautiful city and yes, it is quite touristy especially peak hours at noon but just like the golden rule say, always visit during early mornings, at least several minutes before sunrise.
Prague5 I saw the difference in the several occasions we wandered around in Charles Bridge. For our first visit, we went there around 5:30 am. Pin drop silence greeted us while we walk through the Old Town going to the bridge. There was no one there. We had the bridge to ourselves for several minutes that I had manage to  take many photos free from photobombers.




We stayed there for a while then left just when the crowds started coming in.








Looks like currywurst will be my staple food for a while. The good thing about these sausages is they manage to make you full for several hours.




Another favorite snack was trdelnik.  It is  dough  wrapped around a cylindrical stick, then baked on open fire then and topped with sugar. With the perfect amount of crunchiness and with the  combination of Nutella, it made the stroll around Old Town Square even more enjoyable.





I spent my first day in Prague walking around the Old Town alongside my two roommates. The area, especially the Old Town Square was bustling with people and activities. Street performers, musicians and many kinds of shops are scattered around the square. Most of Prague’s main sites can be found in Old Town including the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge and the Tyn Cathedral.


The highlight of my day was the seeing the Astronomical Clock then climbing the tower to see these impressive views of the city. The 605-year old clock is the oldest operating astronomical clock in the world.



Prague25 Prague26



I guess I was full of luck during that day as I manage to experience the city on my usual way, which often involves dodging crowds. Many would say that Prague is an overrated destination to which I beg to disagree as it will depend on the individual on how she/he will  envision the experience. No destination should be labelled as overrated as it is completely up to the traveler to make the most of out of the place. I’m always happy whenever I’m in a new country since this means more history to learn in addition to a new cultural experience.

Prague is just one of the many beautiful places in Czech Republic, if only I had more time I would have gone to other parts of the country.

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