Paprika & Goulash

I remembered eating goulash while I was in Vienna. During my stay there, I was quite disappointed that I would not be able to visit Budapest despite being so close, so I had my fill of goulash. The train prices were too ridiculous to even consider taking that trip. However, I found myself in Budapest after a day in Prague. It just hit me, I visited three countries in three days. Of course I was awestruck as I’m a first -timer, but I guess this is normal for European residents.

Anyway, I would like to write about that later on and instead focus on the wonderful Central Market Hall.

Budapest22Since I was drawn to markets, this is definitely a must see for me. After dodging some people who tried to lead us at their restaurants in Váci utca , we finally reached the market. To avoid scammers, I usually pretend to not understand them and act frightened so they would panic and just walk away.



Ignoring the sights, we let hunger take over and went straight to the upper level where most of the eateries are located. Here, you can get delicious and cheap Hungarian food.  Be prepared to savor chicken paprika, langos, goulash and other Hungarian delicacies which were all served in generous portions. With so many choices, I almost strayed away from goulash.

Stands selling handicrafts and souvenirs are also located at the upper level.




The market is quite spacious. Despite being busy, there was plenty of space for people to walk around. Fresh produce and meats are found at the ground level. In addition, you will find rows of stalls selling Hungarian specialties such as paprika, paprika powder and sausages. I have never seen so much paprika in my life.






During my time at Budapest, I also manage to visit outdoor markets.






On my back to Prague, this outdoor market caught my attention. Of course, I did not leave without trying the food.

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