Snippets of Budapest

Budapest was an unexpected trip for me. I have given up on going to Budapest while I was at Vienna since train tickets were expensive. However, we got really lucky while in Prague. I accompanied my roommate who was planning to buy a bus ticket to Poland. There were plenty of deals, Budapest included.

So, I took the chance. My other roommate ( who was also going to Budapest), decided to forego his train ride, instead opting for the bus trip. Luckily, he got the full price back for that train ticket. We headed to Budapest that midnight.

Sleepy and dazed, we finally arrived in Budapest. We slept for another three hours before exploring the city. I was lucky that my roommate already knows his way around so I pretty much got a free tour.
Budapest9 Danube river separates the two sides of the city, with the east side called Pest and the west called Buda. One can easily visit the other side by walking through Chain Bridge. The suspension bridge is especially lovely when it is illuminated at night.



The Parliament lies on the bank of Danube. The facade features small statues representing Hungarian rulers, royalty and military commanders





I can see why Budapest was called “Paris of the East”. The architecture itself  could be compared to several sights in Paris. Budapest was one of the favorite cities I had visited. It was like I was transported back to a different era.



Fisherman’s Bastion is one of the best spots to get an impressive view of the city. The name is derived from the fishermen guild who defended these walls during wars. There are seven towers in this whimsical structure which were said to symbolize the  seven clan leaders that came to the country by the end of the 9th century.








At the end of the day, I’m just happy to visit Budapest. It was a simple, and fuss-free afternoon that even though my legs were sore, I felt nothing but contentment and happiness.

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