Meeting Anne Frank

It was never in our plan.

My friend and I were working late at night when we simultaneously decide to travel to Amsterdam. Her program was cancelled for the following day so she had nothing to do. She decided to go then  convinced me to accompany her. I was completely broke so she paid my fare for now. So there we were, at 1 AM running towards the train station to get tickets. We left for Amsterdam after three hours. It was quite tiring because we had to change trains and buses four times ( one bus and three trains). I did expect it, after all it was last minute.





We were not daft to visit any “coffee shops” since we are in the middle of a conference. Even if we’re not, I’m still not going because it is not interesting for me.








The highlight of the trip was our visit to Anne Frank’s hiding place, the secret annex. I read Anne Frank’s diary countless of times. Her personality was admirable, she was so cheerful, brave and endearing even in those grim years not to mention, her incredible way of  expressing her thoughts. I cried the first time I read the diary and learned of their tragic demise. It was surreal to visit the attic and also see the bookshelf that connected the office and the annex.



I never was a huge fan of french fries but the Dutch version of this classic is just so good. I reckon I had three servings of Patat Frites that day.

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