Two, Petite Girls in the Red Light District

During the evening, we headed to one of Amsterdam’s red light districts. I usually pride myself in how I blend in in different surroundings. However, this was not the case when we went to the red light district. We kind of stood out, we were both Asian, petite and the only women in some of the areas we walked through.

IMG_7050 IMG_7030

It was quite bizarre yet exhilarating. This was new for me because I grew up in a country where prostitution is taboo. I did not know what to react whenever we see a woman at the window wave at us. I just smiled politely. In some places, there were tall guys who stayed in a short distance of a window. I presumed that they are bodyguards so we were extra cautious I did not want to see my camera get smashed.

It is forbidden to take photos of the girls as this considered as harassment. A bodyguard or the woman herself might smash your camera.








Amsterdam by far is the most liberated place I have been to. We went back to Cologne, tired yet happy. Even some friends told us that we were too giddy with the red light district. I still cannot get over that until this day. I always tell this story to people with the exception of relatives.

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