A Review of Mozumo & Okuhida in Gifu

Mozumo & Okuhida

Similar to most of the wonderful things I’ve experienced, I stumbled upon Mozumo by accident. I’ve been eyeing a visit to Okuhida onsen for some time now. I was looking forward to a much needed onsen break, after all a girl can dream of the soothing atmosphere an onsen has. Despite the limited budget I had, I used tax return and my birthday as reasons to treat myself to Mozumo. Splurging is a bit difficult to do if you are extremely frugal like me.

Many are familiar with Okuhida onsen  because of  its open air baths and ryokans where you can enjoy views of the Japanese Alps. Okuhida is quite close to Takayama and Matsumoto so this area is a perfect excursion for those who are planning to visit these two areas.

I ended up going with a heavy heart initially, but then I had a massive turnaround once I dipped into the hot springs. My own one. Inside the room. Here’s a brief rundown of my experience in Mozumo.

First Impressions of Mozumo

The booking process is easy and they respond promptly to queries. One of the staff came to pick me up in the Hirayu bus station on the day of arrival. After checking in, I explored the hotel a bit. Mozumo’s interior is modern and sleek with minimalist concept. The combination of large windows and wood presents an elegant touch to the interior.

Mozumo design

The Room

The room is quite spacious, especially for a solo traveller. Mozumo’s rooms are of traditional Japanese style. You also have your private room dining, bedroom, balcony and open-air bath. As described in their website, the open-air bath features a Japanese cypress bathtub or Mikage granite bathtub.


I paid around Y27000 for my room. The room is good for two (a family even honestly) where you have your indoor onsen, lounge, balcony and bathroom. The room is so spacious that the price was reasonable for me.

You have to pay separately for the food . I paid a total of Y6300 for my dinner and breakfast. Although it is not a requirement and you have a choice whether to have food in the establishment or not.


Dinner is a multi-course affair with food made from fresh and seasonal ingredients. I loved how I was able to taste fugu (puffer fish) in this meal. The servings of beef in the Sukiyaki were generous and the yokan gave a delightful finish to the meal.

Sashimi & ebi

An appetizer made with take noko (bamboo shoot) and dashi broth

Fugu karaage

Mozumo - Hida beef sukiyaki

Hida beef sukiyaki

Hida beef sushi

Mozumo -yokan

Yuzu yokan and red bean yokan

The breakfast was another exciting component of my stay. One thing that I love about Japanese breakfasts are the variety of dishes you can have in the meal. Mozumo’s breakfast is no exception and I have nothing but good words to describe my meal.

Mozumo breakfast

Indoor onsen

Glorious. Can I leave it at that? The onsen is absolutely marvellous. First off, you can jump in the onsen whenever you want to. The temperature was just right, warm enough to soothe your tired body. The best part for me was the forest view that you can enjoy as you unwind in the onsen.

Things to note

It takes about an hour to get here from Takayama. You can either take a bus or drive on your own. Regardless of the travel time, you’ll definitely enjoy the mountainous scenery.

Limited English is spoken in the hotel. Some staff members can communicate in English however not everyone can. They are polite though and they try their best in order to make you feel welcome so don’t let language barrier deter you from visiting.

I understand that not everyone have aversions to certain types of food (seafood, raw food) so it is best to let them know your preferences. I personally love Japanese food but I know some people who can only eat limited types of Japanese food. One of the best experiences you can have in a ryokan is the food.


〒506-1433 Hirayu, Okuhida Onsen-go, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 579-1
TEL. +81-578-89-2020Phone hours (Japan time) 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Access (Screenshot from Mozumo’s website)

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