Pitas and cauliflowers at Miznon, Melbourne


“How come there are so many cauliflowers?”- That was my first thought as I saw this rustic, little place down in Hardware Lane: Miznon. 

A dreary week in Melbourne, I’ve been craving for something simple. Street food stalls are my go-to places when I feel under the weather.

I found Miznon by a random search for “street food Melbourne” in the internet. I have no knowledge of Israeli cuisine so I was excited to try Miznon’s famous pitas.


Lively music greeted my ears as we entered and sat by the counter, wide-eyed with the number of cauliflowers we saw in the kitchen. I like the simplicity of Miznon’s interior. We sat in the counters where we can easily converse with the staff and also watch the chef in the open kitchen parallel to our seats.  I always find it hypnotic to watch chef weave their ‘magic’ in the kitchen.


 One of the staff, Annie (I’m unsure if I remember her name correctly) gave us a walkthrough of the menu and recommended some of her favourites.  The wait was anything but dull as we chatted with Annie, munched on the free pita and watched how our pitas were assembled.

Miznon’s signature dish of roasted cauliflower drizzled with olive oil and herbs. This was the pleasant surprise to our meal for me. I’ve always thought that cauliflowers are bland vegetables. This cauliflower however was well-seasoned. It was delicious and filling. It was also a delight to eat with its crisp exterior yet soft, almost melt-in-your mouth texture.

My friend’s meal was a Lamb with a bone. He liked the generous portion of the meat inside and the overall flavour of the filling.

My falafel pita was quite delicious! Aside from the generous portion, I appreciate that it was not greasy and just had the right combination of spices. The falafels also held their forms quite well. I reckon mushy falafel is never a component of a good falafel pita.

A shot of arak capped off our first visit to Miznon. I could actually get drunk with arak because of its smooth finish. The drink’s sweetness and that a minty after note makes it easy to drink for me.

If you have a chance, sit in the counter to watch the chefs prepare the food

Above: A smooth shot of arak is definitely a must-try. Best time to go to Miznon is after the peak lunch hours (12PM-2PM) The pita is usually ready after few minutes but peak hours mean longer waits.

Run over potatoes – Potato + Sour cream with garlic

Top: Chickpea pita with tahini, you can also get this without the pita Bottom: My personal favorite, falafel pita


59 Hardware Lane, Melbourne VIC:3000

Monday-Friday: 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Weekends: 11:30 AM- 11:oo PM

+61 3 9670 2861

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