Pink+Fruits: Healthy Start at Bread & Circus

Bread & Circus

Rain showers are the last things you would want when you have a busy day ahead. I was in Sydney for a day to get my passport and other documents. Since that was my only purpose, it was pretty much a laid-back trip. My day started with a visit to Alexandria where I had breakfast in Bread & Circus.

I’ve been trying to cut back on my sweets intake for health reasons hence their menu ¬†suited my needs.

Bread & Circus First Impressions:

Australian cafes never cease to impress me with their beautiful interiors. I love how you can enjoy the ambience and beautiful designs whilst having a wonderful meal. Bread & Circus is no exception. The cafe is in a high-ceiling industrial space, once inside you would be greeted with colourful, quirky decor that features their produce and hints of pink.

When I asked if they sell bottles of their juices, the staff told me that they make all their juice fresh so that’s another plus point for me. They emphasise on the concept of whole foods which I appreciate as it gives me an idea of how they source my food. Now, let’s go to the main part: food.

Bread & Circus Food:

I tend to skip breakfast during morning flights so I was a hungry once I got to the cafe, I easily ordered two meals.

Toast w/avocado and fresh tomato ($14)

I’m not really looking to buy a house anytime soon so I would like to enjoy my avo and toast. I like the balance of the flavours in my avocado. I usually skip on this option because it’s either too mushy, salty or bland. Their version is simple yet delicious.

The super bowl ($14)

This fruit bowl consists of *biodynamic yoghurt, strawberries, kiwi, passionfruit, banana, blueberries, toasted coconut, fresh mint and maple syrup. This is my favourite for the day, I think I would try more of these fruit bowls in the future. The fruits provided the sweetness needed for the yoghurt.

Turning Japanese ($8)

Yeah, it’s green but it is also yuzu. This tarty, citron is a gift from the heavens so don’t skip it just because it’s green. A very refreshing drink with pineaple, mint and yuzu. I would come back here just for this juice.

*Biodynamic- an alternative agricultural system where they make use of enclosed spaces to grow everything (plants/livestock) without the use of pesticides and herbicides. I was not able to ask the extent of their biodynamic sources but it is something I look forward to do in the future.

I hate it when people automatically put down alternative systems just because it is not common. It is neither “hippie” nor “overpriced”, this close mindedness is actually killing the planet. When you see something unfamiliar, don’t shun it rather try to learn about it.


Bread & Circus


Weekdays 7am-3pm
Weekends 7am-4pm

21 Fountain Street Alexandria
+61 418 214 425

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