Stockholm’s Contemporary Haven: Magasin III

Magasin III - Facial Recognition

One of the unexpected surprises of Stockholm was Magasin III. As mentioned before, the refurbished warehouse has been host to many contemporary art exhibitions since 1987.

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The artworks here are either produced by collaborations with the artists or acquired independently. A long-time collaborator, artist Tony Oursler’s video and conceptual art are some of highlights of the exhibition.

Magasin III’s collections deviate from traditional art as they combine both audio and visual elements in each display.

 Here are some excerpts describing Oursler’s work  

Magasin III – Caricature

“The effigy is deliberately cute in its babyish appearance, with large eyes and a large mouth, but it lacks a nose and thereby verges on grotesque and repulsive. This is a representation of the media attempting to draw us in using the most primitive means. However, it is simultaneously rejected because it feels so incredibly unnatural and exaggerated.”

Magasin III – Facial Recognition

“In times when digital media permeates our everyday lives, humans take part in digitalisation. Machines are taking on human attributes in an increasing degree. Oursler’s work lies in his interest in the role technology plays in human behaviour.

The sculptures are colourful, head-shaped panels with partially inset monitors. They are an amalgam of digitized facial features and algorithms. Scattered data points, nodes and baselines are foundational for facial recognition. They create different types of patterns on the panels and make them all unique works.

These intricate diagrams show how large amounts of data categorize and construct the digital individual today. The artwork functions as a sort of digital portrait in which we can see ourselves through the machinery we so recently created.”

Magasin III closed its doors to public recently in order to rebrand. They would re-open again hopefully after two years. Furthermore, they are planning to open satellite sites globally. 


Frihamnsgatan 28
SE-115 56

Ph: +46 8 545 680 40

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