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I’m Anne Tachado. I’m currently a twenty-something student studying Agriculture. My parents raised me in the Philippines. We then moved here in Melbourne, Australia several years ago. My life is a bit hectic as of the moment since I’m juggling three things: work, studies and survival.

All I can say is being an adult sometimes suck. This blog came into existence because I wanted to have an avenue where I could place memories. Aside from being a forgetful girl, I’m quite unlucky with storage devices since all my hard drives are pretty much dead and gone.

I write here and also post photos of my travels. I hope to inspire people that it is possible to achieve your dreams even if you are young. One just needs hard work and smart strategies. Yes, it won’t be easy. You’d encounter stress (90% of the time), challenges (heaps of them) and failures. On the positive side, there are no words to describe the fulfilment  every time you overcome these.

I would like to say that these writings reflect my true thoughts but no, I’m painfully awkward even here. Please read at your own risk.

Anne Tachado

Anne Tachado- Q & A

Why did you name your blog “The Uncategorized”?

I consider this blog to be some sort of a diary  for me so it is a little bit of everything. Currently, it has more travel-related content but it could change in the future once I have more time.

What is this “dream” you are talking about?

I have tons of dreams.

1.) I wanted to travel ever since I was a little girl, reading heaps of photo books only motivated me even more. We are a middle class family in the Philippines, we had enough for our necessities but luxuries such as travel is impossible that time. When I gained the capability to travel, of course I went for it!

2.) In connection to that, my dream is to take my parents traveling. I’m currently working on this because I mostly travel on an extreme budget right now due to school expenses (I want my parents to be comfortable and have the best).

3.) A career where I can use my skills and education to help marginalised communities (I’m specialising on agribusiness, agricultural social enterprises and plant studies)

and so on.

These are all works in progress. I’m quite happy that I’m close to achieving these dreams.

How are you able to travel?

My “frequently ask question” that would need a separate post. First, I don’t travel often and I mostly travel to trips that I consider beneficial to my university studies and career development. This could be internships, conferences or research trips. Aside from that, I live a fairly simple life. I don’t buy tons of things, eat out often or spend money on things considered as non-necessities. Not surprising that a simple life leads to more savings (uni expenses takes out all the savings though).

I finance my travels by a combination of savings and loans . I also work overtime and do a bit of freelance work. It is a mixture of resources because I do have personal expenses, medical expenses and university expenses to prioritise. I also have an extreme, frugal style of traveling (lots of walking!).

You must be rich

Ha, how I wish. Give me few more years.

My university expenses come first all the time. I pay for my own tuition fees and this is takes out all my savings.

I don’t even know why people think I’m rich. Overtime work and frugal living are probably the reasons I could travel.

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