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    Let’s start with home : Gastronomy and nostalgia in Philippines

    As a child, it was one of my guilty pleasures to indulge myself in watching countless travel documentaries. Back then, I would stare dreamily to the screen, imagining myself standing in Florence or maybe in Nice. As I grow up, reality starts to creep to me and I had doubts whether I could even come to these places. How can I afford it? I came from a simple family in the Philippines. We had enough to get by but had no means for luxuries. Given the unfortunate conditions in Philippines, I reckon that it will take years of hard work before I can save up for an overseas trip.

    But then, sometimes fate just helps the dreamers turn their ambitions to reality.

    I was dazed the moment I booked the flights.

    For a second, it was surreal and surprising to realize that I will be travelling to these places.

    Before the whole “operation” ( I label my trips as operation, to have that extra adventurous oomph), I decided to come home and spend Christmas in the Philippines.

    Apart from seeing my family, spending time with them and catching up with friends, I did not miss the opportunity of indulging myself with my favorite Filipino foods.

    Let’s start with the street foods.

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