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    Budget Itinerary for One Day in Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm sights

    Stockholm was the first stop of my four-day cruise with St. Peter Line. I only had less than 24 hours to explore as we docked at 9:00 AM and the ship is expected to leave at 6:00PM. With the given time, I still wanted to get to know the city whilst sticking to my budget (Iceland did kill my wallet after all).

    Here are some of the activities I managed to do in 9 hours:

    Explore the artistic Stockholm subway stations

    Stockholm has the longest art gallery in the world in the form of its subway stations. The story behind these murals, sculptures and painting will only make you appreciate the art more. Some of the striking murals are in the main hubs but there are also some quirky ones in further stations. I recommend getting the SL pass since you can use this to travel in busses and ferries.

    Stockholm sights


    SL Travel card (24 hours) : 120 SEK  or $14 USD Read more…

    Budget Itinerary for One Day in Copenhagen, Denmark

    In all honesty, I never thought I would be in Copenhagen last year. I’ve always thought that I would graduate first before I ever get the chance to go. It all started just months before I started my placement in Japan. As usual, I was procrastinating and I had a random urge to find out how expensive international fares are from Tokyo. Lo and behold! Lucky Tokyoites actually had better deals compared to Australia, especially with flights to Scandinavia. Read more…

    Best and Free things to do in Kyoto

    Are you on a budget holiday in Kyoto? Maybe you are searching for free things to do in Kyoto. You don’t need to fret because you can actually enjoy some of Kyoto’s landmarks for free!  Take Arashiyama for instance. Japan is considered as an expensive destination but like I’ve mention before, a well-thought out itinerary is the key to saving money. There are many things to do in Kyoto whether you love gardens, curious about Buddhism or excited to explore Japanese cuisine, it is possible to find places that fit both your interests and budget. Here is my list of free things to do in Kyoto.

    Free Things to do in Kyoto

    1.) A stroll in Arashiyama  and Togetsukyo Bridge

    Free Things to do in Kyoto-Togetsukyo

    I love Arashiyama for its relaxing vibe. Its proximity to the river in addition to the surrounding forests and the rural surroundings make this area one my favourite places to visit in Kyoto. Can you believe  this lovely place is one of the free things to do in Kyoto? Yes, it can get awfully touristy but  visit early in the morning or just enjoy a stroll late at night, you will see the place’s serene side.

    You can enjoy a picnic by the riverside. For a more active option, one can opt to cycle around Arashiyama and see the hidden gems of the area. Walk through the preserved district and you can also visit the two temples, each just a few minutes’ walk from the district.

    Get in: Take the JR Sagano/San-in Line to Saga-Arashiyama Station and walk for about 10 minutes. Read more…

    Cheap Guide to Kyoto: Before you Go

    Japan has a reputation for being an expensive travel destination. A trip to the country is also worth every penny so regardless of budget, I always encourage people to go. My cheap guide to Kyoto is a series that I hope will help my fellow travelers out.

    It may appear daunting to the pocket at first but a budget trip to Japan is possible. I’m a student hence I’m conscious with how I spend money and I try to research as much as I can by reading various cheap guide to Kyoto and asking people for tips.

    After several trips to Kyoto, I’ve come up with my own cheap guide to Kyoto for those of you who are interested in going to Kyoto on a budget. These are all practical tips without any extremities. Remember, do not compromise your well-being for the sake of savings. Travel is after all chance for you to immerse to another culture not be in danger. Read more…