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    Goodbyes & Chocolates

    I spent the last 15 hours in Belgium reflecting about the past two months. It was a different feeling to have finally achieved something that was so far fetched before. The idea of traveling has always been a daydream for me and then unexpectedly, I was able to do it. Maybe it was luck or fate. It was challenging how I got here but I’m glad it turned out this way.

    I was in second grade when I saw a photo of Tibet, a moment that sparked my interest in geography and history. I was blessed to have parents who encouraged us to learn everyday, not in a forceful way of course. but in our own pace. Old encyclopedias are still in our house. Obsolete to some but it was a treasure for me ever since I was child: these were my tickets to the world.

    Now a decade has passed, I have visited many places I have seen only in my encyclopedia. The feeling of contentment and happiness is overflowing.
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    Musical Instrument Museum – MIM in Brussels

    My travel time has now come to an end- almost. Brussels is my last destination as this is the hub where I will take my flight home to Australia. I had a day to spent so I opted to just stay in the city center. This is another museum that I came across by accident. The building was quite intriguing and when I learned that this is a museum for musical instruments, I even got more excited.

    The museum has thousands of musical instruments on display. Instruments from all classifications are found in here wherein each classification and region are displayed accordingly in each level of the building.

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