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Czech Republic

    Time Machine

    I was planning to spend three days at Prague however due to a wonderful deal, I manage to squeeze a trip to Budapest. The trip was quite easy, reaching Budapest after just five hours.

    When I came back to Prague, I only had a day left to explore the city. This time I was alone as my roommates went to their own destinations.

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    The Charms of Praha

    Cobblestone lanes, old cathedrals, and castles are abundant in the vibrant city of Prague. I was even more impressed with the bohemian spirit that exuded in the city, with plenty of  quirky places to visit, most particularly bars, beer gardens and art shops. Indeed, many have said that I should avoid Prague because there are plenty of tourist traps however I find this notion ridiculous.

    Prague is a beautiful city and yes, it is quite touristy especially peak hours at noon but just like the golden rule say, always visit during early mornings, at least several minutes before sunrise.
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