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    Morning Stroll in Musee Rodin

    The Musée Rodin is a museum dedicated to the works of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin and featured archaeological relics he collected during his lifetime. Rodin was known for his sculptures which placed focus on the human form created with non-traditional techniques and with the use of different materials such as bronze, and clay, all of which conveyed an array of emotions such as tragedy and love.

    During the day of my visit, most of the museum, including Hotel Biron were under renovation so I took my time relaxing in the gardens and viewing the temporary collections. Fortunately, I was still able to see several of Rodin’s iconic works.


    The Thinker is depicted as a nude male figure of over life-size sitting on a rock with his chin resting on one hand, pondering. The Thinker is often used as an image to which depicts philosophy.

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    Little treasures of Paris: A stroll in Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen

    The recent events in Paris have greatly saddened me and left me worried for the state of the world. I would like to express my condolences to families of the victims and hope that those who were injured may recover soon. Paris will always give light to the world and this massacre done by these despicable terrorists will never deter the spirit of this beautiful city.
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    Home of the Phantom: Palais Garnier

    “In sleep he sang to me
    In dreams he came
    That voice which calls to me
    And speaks my name
    And do I dream again
    For now I find
    The Phantom of the Opera is there
    Inside my mind….”

    I’m a huge fan of the Phantom of the Opera, both novel and the play. The songs especially, so imagine my surprise when I found out that Palais Garnier is the setting for this story. I cannot I believe I miss such small fact. But anyway, it is the architecture and the detailed ornamentation of each rooms that had me enthralled with the opera house.
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    Lost in Paris: Sainte-Chapelle & Musee D’Orsay

    Just a few blocks away from the Notre Dame, I stumbled upon a queue while I was looking for a chocolate shop. I never made it to the chocolate shop but I got the chance to visit Sainte-Chapelle when I decided to join the queue.

    The Sainte-Chapelle, located within the Palais de Justice complex, was established by King Louis IX of France, who constructed it as a chapel for the royal palace and shelter for many precious relics. These relics included the Crown of Thorns , precious relics of the Passion and a fragment of the True Cross. The construction started in 1946 and was quickly finished, with the chapel consecrated on 1248.

    Considered as a symbol of royalty, the chapel was converted to an office during the French Revolution wherein the relics were scattered and interior suffered neglect and damage.

    In 19th century, Viollet-le-Duc restored the chapel to its former grandeur, alongside a team of architects and artists, restoring statues and furniture in addition to building a new spire. Sainte-Chapelle has been declared a national historic monument since 1862.

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    Detachment, beauty and Paris for a broke traveler

    Ah Paris, mon amour! (cue in my poor imitation of French accent)

    Almost everyone loves Paris. See, be it on random photos in social media bearing the words “travel goals”, or “dream destination” or how-to articles, one can see the adoration of many for the French capital . People adore the Eiffel tower, Louvre, or just simply the idea of anything that is considered Parisienne.

    Even I had that childhood dream, especially after watching the TV series , Madeline. I wanted to live in France, befriend a girl named Madeline and later on become a nun like Miss Clavel. Apart from Italy, France was a place that I greatly admired, mostly for the food and culture. Documentaries and books only served to fuel that dream that even later on, this girl is still attached to the idea of European living.

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