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Random Musings

    Goodbyes & Chocolates

    I spent the last 15 hours in Belgium reflecting about the past two months. It was a different feeling to have finally achieved something that was so far fetched before. The idea of traveling has always been a daydream for me and then unexpectedly, I was able to do it. Maybe it was luck or fate. It was challenging how I got here but I’m glad it turned out this way.

    I was in second grade when I saw a photo of Tibet, a moment that sparked my interest in geography and history. I was blessed to have parents who encouraged us to learn everyday, not in a forceful way of course. but in our own pace. Old encyclopedias are still in our house. Obsolete to some but it was a treasure for me ever since I was child: these were my tickets to the world.

    Now a decade has passed, I have visited many places I have seen only in my encyclopedia. The feeling of contentment and happiness is overflowing.
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    Bonn & Cologne

    After a month of traveling around Europe, I have reached my main destination at last. The conference is the reason why I was able to visit Europe. Since I had a complex time in applying for  Schengen, I opted traveling around so my efforts will not be wasted.

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    Sentimental reverie on a two-continent trip

    Travel. Wanderlust or so. Each person has his/her concept of travel. For some it is a way of life, a part of one’s yearly or monthly itinerary already marked in the calendar. To others, it is a way to reward oneself, to compensate for hard work or extraordinary achievement. Lastly, it could be a dream waiting to become a reality.

    For me, I’ve always thought it was not possible until I reach my 30s or 40s.  As I grow up, I believed that it will happen but only after many years, I was contented with documentaries or travel shows. Back then, travel was merely a concept to daydream about.

    I came from a simple family. I along with my siblings, was raised in a country wherein bills and daily expenses could easily overtake or exhaust one’s income. My parents were both government employees who earned just enough to provide for our basic needs. With barely enough to pay for bills and expenses, it was a struggle to save.  In a nutshell, travel was just a distant thought, something to look forward in the future. We cannot even travel around our own country, what more into international destinations?

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    Sayounara Japan! Mata oai shimasho

    After two weeks of blissful escape in Japan, the time has come for me to bid the Land of the Rising Sun a very sad farewell. Alas, I should now face the jobs,exams, practicals and paper works that I have left in Australia.

    We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner just before my eventful “last day” unfolded. The watami or Japanese casual dining abound in the city. The vibes from the restaurant can be compared to that of a restaurant chain but with the chill izakaya-like atmosphere. I recalled all the wonderful memories and friends I made while we nibbled on some Japanese foods. I had already fallen in love with Japan when I was seven, watching anime and documentaries but I fell in love even more when I had this chance of visiting this country.

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    The Hakuna Matata Mindset

    A Case of Bad Combination: Being a Migrant & a Worrier

    For the past months, my daily routine consisted of just going to school, work and finally home. The fact that I’m living in Melbourne, Australia’s cultural and food capital did not even matter that time. The moment that I arrived in Melbourne, both my heart and mind were optimistic that everything will work out just fine. It was my usual confident, optimistic thinking and of course, I combined this with perseverance.

    Our life in a bunch of words: I came here with my mother, her profession enabled us to secure permanent residency here in Australia. We came with hopes that we could  be together again as a family. I was happy as I have not lived together with my mom for quite a long time. She was abroad most of  the time and when she finally came home, I was studying in a far-off school.My mother is a single mom and worked as a landscape architect in Dubai for five years before she applied here in Australia: ” It is for our future, you and your siblings would have a good life here”, she said full of enthusiasm.

    Everything was fine during the first months of our stay here but it would later falter.

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    Moving Down to Oz

    Australia in a Nutshell: Snippets from a Newbie

    Seven months ago, I remember being cramped inside a train in Manila.  Noise, heat and discomfort  radiated in midst of the space crammed with people. Despite being squished and pushed around, my mind was in a different state, too caught up with the thought of moving. In a few days time, I was on my way to Australia or ‘Oz’.

    Honestly, it is hard to describe Australia when you haven’t been here for too long. It is a huge country which  would need months or even years to see everything it has to offer. But there are always activities  to do for every type of person, whether you are in the cities or in towns.

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    Hello Chap!

    Here it goes, my online diary.

    I’m Anne, just one of the seven billion individuals who walk on this planet exploring life and trying to make sense of it. I do not mean to sound so morose, surprises of life are beautiful to me. Trials  come along with opportunities, both   hone your character to build a better perspective towards your environment  and basically, put balance to your life.

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