Surrealism and Teatre-Museu Dalí

    In addition to having the world’s most famous moustache, Salvador Dali is also known for surrealist perspective in his works. Some may label him as a madman, others praise his eccentricity but clearly, Dali is one of the prominent artists that shaped the surrealist movement. Far from realism and rationalism, Dali’s work focused on using imagination and the harnessing images derived from the subconscious, drawing inspiration from the likes of Sigmund Freud.

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    Sunset and noon in Catalonia : Besalu & Figueres

    Barcelona is a huge and vibrant city but I wanted to start my trip by going somewhere more peaceful and away from chaos of crowds. After an afternoon in the city, I decided to venture away from Barcelona and explore some areas in Catalonia. My first stop was Banyoles, the hometown of my good friend (who was also my host and guide for two days). We watched the sunset at a hill near Lake Banyoles before we proceeded to the medieval town of Besalu.

    I have read about Besalu before but I never thought I could actually go to the area. But, there I was in Besalu, on my first day in Spain. I was so giddy because I was excited and there were no crowds! I felt I was in another time as I walked along the cobblestone streets.


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    Lost in the beauty of Palau de la Musica Catalana

    For the past three months, I had the most amazing opportunity to visit places that I couldn’t even imagined of going to. A feeling you cannot explain, it felt surreal, bizarre and wonderful all at the same time. I probably need another post to tell the story of how this trip came to be.

    It started with Philippines, now the journey continues to Spain. The sunny city of Barcelona has always been one of the places I dreamed of visiting. One cannot pass up the chance to stroll down the markets, people watch in cafes, enjoy tapas and learn history in one of the city’s cultural institutions. I was there only for a couple of days and I felt it was not long enough, a feeling that does not entail discontentment rather it was one that suggests that Barcelona leaves a special mark in one’s heart.

    My day started with a visit to the Palau de la Musica Catalana. It was spontaneous as I was just walking around when I spotted the building.

    The Palau is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. The minute I set foot inside, I was immediately captured by its beauty.

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    Let’s start with home : Gastronomy and nostalgia in Philippines

    As a child, it was one of my guilty pleasures to indulge myself in watching countless travel documentaries. Back then, I would stare dreamily to the screen, imagining myself standing in Florence or maybe in Nice. As I grow up, reality starts to creep to me and I had doubts whether I could even come to these places. How can I afford it? I came from a simple family in the Philippines. We had enough to get by but had no means for luxuries. Given the unfortunate conditions in Philippines, I reckon that it will take years of hard work before I can save up for an overseas trip.

    But then, sometimes fate just helps the dreamers turn their ambitions to reality.

    I was dazed the moment I booked the flights.

    For a second, it was surreal and surprising to realize that I will be travelling to these places.

    Before the whole “operation” ( I label my trips as operation, to have that extra adventurous oomph), I decided to come home and spend Christmas in the Philippines.

    Apart from seeing my family, spending time with them and catching up with friends, I did not miss the opportunity of indulging myself with my favorite Filipino foods.

    Let’s start with the street foods.

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    Sayounara Japan! Mata oai shimasho

    After two weeks of blissful escape in Japan, the time has come for me to bid the Land of the Rising Sun a very sad farewell. Alas, I should now face the jobs,exams, practicals and paper works that I have left in Australia.

    We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner just before my eventful “last day” unfolded. The watami or Japanese casual dining abound in the city. The vibes from the restaurant can be compared to that of a restaurant chain but with the chill izakaya-like atmosphere. I recalled all the wonderful memories and friends I made while we nibbled on some Japanese foods. I had already fallen in love with Japan when I was seven, watching anime and documentaries but I fell in love even more when I had this chance of visiting this country.

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    The Illustrious Past of Nagoya Castle

    I first learned of Tokugawa Ieyasu and his role in Japanese history during my visit in Nagoya Castle. My first memories of the castle was during my childhood where its photos abound encyclopedias and as pop-up in my picture books. I was familiar of this icon before but learning more about its history encompasses  its illustrious facade. Read more…

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