A Glimpse of Tokugawa Period in Sumpu Castle

    Sumpu Castle served as the retirement home of Tokugawa Ieyasu, founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan. He took up residence at the castle in 1586, along with his consort, Lady Saigo, and their two sons, Hidetada and Tadayoshi. The castle that we see today is not a part of the original castle but a replica and part of the park space.

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    An Afternoon in Tearoom Hyogetsu-tei

    How can you not have matcha tea when you are in one of the best green-tea producers in Japan?

    Daisuke brought us to this tearoom in Fujieda. The place consists of a tearoom, a shop and restaurant. It also houses an impressive Japanese garden and a koi pond.

    Tearoom Hyogetsu-tei is known for serving gyokuro and matcha tea. The gyokuro tea leaves are covered for the minimum of two weeks before harvest to increase amino acids and reduce tannin. This process enhances the sweet and unique taste of the tea.

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    Fast food and Stalls for the broke traveler

    I came to Tokyo with less than $500 for my allowance. The money  was also used for transport, accommodation and food. In short, I have to be wise in spending my money or else, I’ll end up with nothing.

    I could go busking, but unfortunately I have no talent in playing musical instruments nor have a voice that is beautiful or even decent enough to be heard by people. So, the adaptation of ultra-super saving mode was essential.

    I pretended to be a thrifty ninja. However, a thrifty ninja also needs to eat. Thankfully, food stalls and Japanese fast foods abound in the streets of Nagoya and Tokyo.

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    That Little Ramen Place

    Amidst the hustle and bustle of Shibuya, it was quite brilliant to stumble upon a restaurant that contrasts to that of the busy district.

    We struck gold when we found this quaint ramen house in Shibuya. We were just walking around the street when we came across some delicious aroma. We followed it and voila! another staircase. Last time, I found good food underground now it is in the upper floor.

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