Getting Acquainted with Vienna: Wien Museum Karlsplatz

    Like I mentioned before, admission fees are waived in some Viennese museums during the first Sunday of the month. I fully took advantage of this and tried to visit several museums. Wien Museum Karlsplatz was the first on my list. The museum is an excellent starting point if you want to get to know the city’s history. In here, the exhibition shows the progress, challenges and numerous changes the city had undergone throughout the years.

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    The Unexpected Route: Vienna

    Before coming to Europe, I did not have any particular plan but I was required to submit information regarding accommodation and flights. So I made up a trail and reserved several hostels in random cities. I never expected that I would indeed follow this route.

    Although I reside in Australia, I still have a passport from a developing country which means tons of documents plus nerves whenever I apply for visas.  Regardless of the paranoia and extra fees, the upside of this is seeing lots of visas in your passport.

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    Time stops at Uhrenmuseum

    As I explore Europe, I began to realize that I maybe becoming fond of “specialty museums”. Uhrenmuseum or the Clock Museum is one of those museums that I have visited. It was the first Sunday of the month hence free admission to several museums. Of course, I took advantage of it. Uhrenmuseum was the last one I visited. I was afraid that I would miss it since I got terribly lost for half an hour. I was going in circles before I realized that the museum was literally behind me and I have been bypassing it every time I walk there.

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    There’s something about Baklavas and Turkish Cuisine

    Every time I reminisce about my trip to Turkey, I never fail to rave about Turkish food. The experience was made even better with the stay in my friend’s home. The Turks are certainly one of the most hospitable people that I have met.

    It was also a wonderful thing that my hostel was close to lots of local eateries. These places serve wonderful food at a reasonable price. I never considered myself a gourmet traveler but I certainly have a big appetite for hearty and excellent food.


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